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Regenerative Cell Therapy in Stillwater, MN

HCT/P - Human Cell Tissue Product 

HCTP (Human Cell Tissue Product) is currently the forefront of Regenerative Cell Therapy. Over 5000 papers have been published highlighting the benefits of human cells and regenerative medicine for various types of conditions.

What is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Rivertown Medical Center uses HCTP (Human Cell Tissue Product) because it is the natural building block of life. It is remarkable in its ability to replicate and regenerate tissue. Your body has and has always had these tissue cells. Over time, you slowly and naturally lose the amount of HCTP in your body. As this number decreases, so too does your ability to heal quickly, fully, and properly. Couple that with the million other injuries and diseases that can diminish your natural tissue cell stores and you are left with a body that is forced to rely on medications and surgery for aid.

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Why would I choose HCT/P?

By utilizing HCTP Therapy, our medical team here at Rivertown Medical Center has achieved many things with our patients that were unobtainable until now. The benefits for using regenerative therapy vs. medications and surgeries are:

  • Minimal recovery time

  • Applicable to a variety of disorders

  • Safe, with minimal side effects

  • Very little discomfort

  • Natural, with no harsh chemicals or added medications

  • Endorsed by many top doctors, athletes, and celebrities

  • Effective at treating:

  • chronic pain

  • damaged tissue

  • neurodegenerative disorders

  • ...and more.

We have stepped into a very fascinating point in our history where you now have some control over your body’s decay. You no longer have to “just deal with it” or over- medicate yourself to feel semi normal. HCTP Therapy gives us a miraculous tool that can be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Contact our office to schedule a consultation or attend a seminar to learn more about Regenerative Cell Therapy: (651) 439-2712

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